Kae Kae Qi

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) I shot with Kae Kae just before Christmas last year, but being more than somewhat busy since the shoot, it's only just now that I've started to work my way through them, and make some headway. In some ways, this isn't surprising-I got so many great images, it's going to take more than a little while to finish editing all my favourites. It took me long enough to determine which images were my favourites, for a start...

I found Kae Kae via a casting I posted on Modelmayhem. As ever with ModelMayhem, the response to my casting was fantastic. I had interest from a lot of very accomplished and excellent models, and it was as difficult to determine who to follow up with. Of course, a model expressing an interest in collaborating is as simple as them typing 'interested' in response to the casting, so I shouldn’t be getting big headed about the response to the casting, of course, but even so, it’s very flattering.

Now, a bit about castings, and how I seem to end up making a casting just days before a shoot goes ahead. I have this habit of booking studio time, and sometimes a make up artist, a month or so in advance, and usually before I've secured my model for the shoot. As the shoot grows closer, it's inevitable that the day job gets heavier and heavier, and all the plans I had to do an early casting, get proper mood boards sorted and so on, go out the window. So, usually, with just a day or two to go, I'm in a mad scramble, making a posting, and rushing to get a shoot in place.Sometimes it doesn't come together, and sometimes it does. This time, it most certainly did.  
Indeed, along with Kae Kae, I've also collaborated with another of the models who responded to the posting, and am planning on working with a third. 

Anyway, back to this shoot. Kae Kae was a new model to me, and had some great, and varied, images on her portfolio. She's recently moved to the UK from Australia, and I was lucky enough to be one of the first to work with her over here. 

As noted, there wasn't much time to plan for the kind of images we wanted to get from the shoot. I threw together a mood board of images inasmuch as I could in the day or two we had, and we went from there. Kae Kae's comms were great before the shoot, and we had a great shoot on the day, and I’d most certainly recommend any photographer to work with her if there’s a chance to do so. More images will follow in the next few weeks.