Anita De Bauch, photographed in Essex

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) I’ve attended a small annual shoot for the last three years, in which myself, and around a dozen other photographers, take over the Channels Lodge Hotel, near Chelmsford, for a day and a night. Each photographer will bring their own model, and as we have the run of the hotel, we'll rotate around the different locations offered. Some of the buildings of the Hotel date back to the 16th Century, and make for a great location to shoot.

This year, the wonderful Anita De Bauch was my model for the day, and I have to say, that was no great hardship. A great location, and a wonderful model. Perfect. As I'd shot in a number of the locations previously, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to shoot in each locations, and additionally, what and where I wanted to shoot in the timeslots where my allocated shooting space wasn't great. It obviously helps a lot when you've got a model as talented and versatile as Anita, who can belt through any number of poses in almost no time at all.

We did manage to get a good number of great images from our limited time shooting together, shooting some alt-fashion in a disused-and probably more than somewhat dangerous-barn on the Hotel grounds. We also shot some great images in a bathroom, with a fabulous roll top bath, as well as some pretty lingerie images, and finished up with art nudes with experimental lighting.

It was a long day, but ultimately very productive, and very rewarding. I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity I have to collaborate with Anita on a shoot.

Margo, photographed in London

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) I was put in touch with Margo via a mutual friend. Margo is a personal trainer, and was happy to collaborate with me on physique images. It took us a couple of months to actually finalise a a time for the shoot, though, and in the meantime, I'd had a play around with neon shots, covered in an earlier blog, and thought that that would be a cool thing to introduce into our shoot. And, I wanted to try it once more, do a little more experimenting, and try not to forget everything I learned first time round.

This shoot was Margos first time in a studio, and more importantly, also the first time as a figure model. Little secret here-when I know, as has happened on a couple of occasions, that a shoot with me is the first figure modelling shoot for my subject, I get nervous. Don't know why-I suspect it's me overcompensating and trying to make sure that my model is entirely comfortable with things, and isn't quietly freaking out. Consequently, the first few minutes of the shoot are usually me prattling away about anything and nothing, trying to make things normal. And usually failing, but there you go… Given it was Margos first figure nude shoot, let alone first studio shoot, I was into prattle overdrive...

Anyway, we started the shoot with various fitness images, before going on to the figure nudes. Margo was a natural, and threw herself into the shoot with real energy and enthusiasm. This first gallery is from the figure nudes, using the neon again. We did get some great results, and I know that the neon style images are something i'll be returning to again.