Ivana Cermakova

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) My first post in a while-much too long-but I thought it definitely worth sharing these images. The images here are from a shoot in October 2014, with Ivana Cermakova, a Czech model who was only in London for a few days. This was pretty much an 'introductory' shoot-a chance to meet Ivana, and see what images we could achieve on a first shoot without much preparation or planning. Well, at least on my part-Ivana arrived very well prepared for the shoot... It was a short shoot-just two hours-and on very short notice, hence little prep time. Whilst shorter than I’d usually wish for, I took the opportunity to collaborate with a view to arranging a second shoot with much better planning, and a much clearer idea of what specific kind of images we'd want.

I went into this shoot with a few ideas as to what images I wanted, but still with enough time to allow an opportunity to see what worked on the day. As it was, we got a ton of images that I’m very happy with, and a great hit rate in terms of quality images. Narrowing it down to the ones I wished to master has taken me quite some time.

ps-there’s a great blog by another photographer, Dan Hostettler, on shooting with Ivana, and you can find that one

Lucy in Spring

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) With the promise of Spring, and outdoor shoots tantalisingly close, I took a chance recently and invited Lucy Fur down to London to collaborate on my first outdoor shoot of the year. I’ve had fantastic success in the past shooting at a location in North London, first with Kayleigh Lush, and then with Sophia St Villier and Miu last year, and planned to use that again. That it's within walking distance of my house also contributes somewhat to the charm of the place as well…

We had the shoot planned for May 3rd, and in the run up to the shoot, had been anxiously watching the weather. As the day drew closer, it looked like we were going to get the sunshine we needed, but probably not the temperatures. My plan was to start the shoot at around 7.30 am, when chance encounters with dog walkers, etc… to interrupt the shoot are minimised, and the light is best. Unfortunately, the temperatures didn’t look like they were going to be anything like bearable so early in the morning, so we had a leisurely breakfast with my wife, and postponed the start to 10.00 am.

We headed out, and sure enough it was about bearable by the time we reached our location. All of the images here were shot with natural light. All were shot with the sun behind Lucy to get the wonderful rich colours from the trees, with a gold reflector used to bounce light back towards Lucy. I was shooting at around 1.6f , to get the wonderful bokeh (the out of focus bits) in the background. We shot for a couple of hours, by which time the sun was getting to be very warm, and a little too bright to shoot in, but still, it was a very productive couple of hours.

As ever, shooting with Lucy was an enormously enjoyable occasion, and I’d recommend Lucy as a model to any photographer.


KendraLee403 - Version 2 (1)
(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) I've been fortunate to shoot with Kendra on a couple of other occasions to date, and I've always been very happy with the results of our shoots. I recently found myself with some studio time booked, but no model sorted, and decided to give Kendra a shout, to see if she'd be free. Fortunately, it coincided with the company year end, and Kendra was looking to use up holidays, so was happy to collaborate.  We arrived at the studio with a few ideas in mind, and a good few reference shots to take inspiration from as well.

We shot in a couple of the more 'none-standard' places in the studio, like the seating area for those not usually involved in the shoot. And, one of the more unusual things we did this time though, was actually step out of the studio, and spend fifteen minutes or so shooting in the industrial estate where the studio is based. We wanted to catch the last light of the day, and whilst we got a number of good shots, we also got a good number of curious glances-a tattooed model in bikini and denim shorts is not the usual kind of work person usually found there.

We shot a number of things-not least, I wanted to experiment with a couple of retro styled setups. Not exactly unusual for me, but even so, it's always worth trying new things now and then. We also shot against the plain white backgrounds of the studio, and got some great bikini images there in particular. Indeed, Kendra posted a couple of these images in their raw form, and has piqued the interest of Inked magazine, and she's been invited to meet with them as a consequence.

And, as usual with Kendra, for all the ideas and images we came away with, we also came away with ideas for another two or three shoots. We hope to put at least one of these into action soon, with an outdoor shoot over at Kew Gardens. Again, this is a shoot I'm already looking forward to.


(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) I get to travel with my day job a fair bit, and I’ve been fortunate to visit some very special places. This past week, though, the trip I took to Kyoto in Japan is probably the most memorable trip I’ve had to date. To be honest, it’s impossible (at least, for me...) to begin to put across in words just how wonderful and special Kyoto is. The old capital of Japan, it has managed to preserve ancient roots, and a real sense of history is everywhere. Probably the closest comparison I could find in Europe would be Rome, where-as with Kyoto-it seems that every street is steeped in thousands of years of history.

For me, I found a real sense of quiet dignity and serenity in Kyoto. In the temples and shrines I managed to visit, the achievements of many hands, hundreds of years ago, is just breathtaking, truly staggering. I’d urge anyone with an opportunity to visit Kyoto to do so in a heartbeat. I hope to return very soon.