Claire in Salisbury

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) Two years ago, I photographed Claire at a nightclub location in London, a venue I'd used before, and which had some wonderful opportunities to shoot. This time, though, there was a different manager on duty, who took it upon himself to police the shoot, suddenly appearing in the doorway of any room we were using, to check we were not shooting anything he didn't approve of. Consequently, it was a lousy shooting experience, with neither I or Claire able to relax and enjoy the shoot, or focus for anything more than four or five minutes without interruption. A year or so later, Claire decided to quit modelling, so it looked like I'd missed my chance to have a decent collaboration with her. We kept talking, though, and I finally persuaded Claire that we should really get round to having a proper shoot.

Claire was up for collaborating, but our planning wasn't helped by Claire living in Devon, and me in London with a demanding day job acting as a major time sponge. Fortunately, invites to a mutual friends Hallowe'en party (Hawaiian theme, of course...) meant that we were both going to be in Salisbury over the Halowe'en weekend. So, having booked
Graeme Curves studio in Salisbury for the day, we got to finally planning our first proper shoot together.

As this would be Claires first proper shoot in well over a year, we agreed to just see what developed, without any big agenda, or any real need to get images for a specific purpose. Rather, we wanted to focus on just having an enjoyable shoot. Fortunately, Graeme Curves studio is directly above the aforementioned mutual friend
Nikita Sabliers retro and corsetry boutique in Salisbury, and we were able to borrow items to our hearts content. So we did…

And, whilst our first shoot two years ago was riddled with unwelcome interruptions, this time round, whilst we were interrupted, it was all welcome. Graeme was on hand, Nikki was in the shop downstairs, and our friend
Jess dropped by to try a few things on as well, ahead of the Hawaiian Hallowe'en, as well as Cheryl.

It was great to shoot without any big agenda, with the intention to have an enjoyable afternoon, and without fear or threat of interruption. As it was, we have a good fistful of great images, and have quite possibly persuaded Claire out of retirement. No bad thing, I'm sure you'll agree, based on the images.