Ivana Cermakova

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) My first post in a while-much too long-but I thought it definitely worth sharing these images. The images here are from a shoot in October 2014, with Ivana Cermakova, a Czech model who was only in London for a few days. This was pretty much an 'introductory' shoot-a chance to meet Ivana, and see what images we could achieve on a first shoot without much preparation or planning. Well, at least on my part-Ivana arrived very well prepared for the shoot... It was a short shoot-just two hours-and on very short notice, hence little prep time. Whilst shorter than I’d usually wish for, I took the opportunity to collaborate with a view to arranging a second shoot with much better planning, and a much clearer idea of what specific kind of images we'd want.

I went into this shoot with a few ideas as to what images I wanted, but still with enough time to allow an opportunity to see what worked on the day. As it was, we got a ton of images that I’m very happy with, and a great hit rate in terms of quality images. Narrowing it down to the ones I wished to master has taken me quite some time.

ps-there’s a great blog by another photographer, Dan Hostettler, on shooting with Ivana, and you can find that one