Joceline Brooke-Hamitlon: Part One

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I was fortunate enough to have my first collaboration with Joceline Brooke-Hamilton late last Summer. Another model I'd aspired to work with for a very long time, Normally Joceline would priced well beyond my usual shoot budget, and not surprising, really. She's a truly remarkable model, with a massive and well earned reputation. I was fortunate enough to take advantage of a late cancellation, and managed to get four hours with Joceline lined up.

The only snag was that this was at Jocelines local studio, down near Reading, which meant I had to plan the journey- two trains from London, and then a hefty taxi ride at the other end. And, a new studio. Obviously, most shoots have two basic elements: model, and location. If it's possible, I like to be familiar with one, or the other. If you already have a rapport with your model, but it's a new location, then fine. Equally, if I'm shooting a model, but in an environment that I'm comfortable and confident in, then that's fine too. But, new model and new location/studio, not my favourite. Did that once to arrive at a studio, only to be told that they didn't actually have their own wireless (or wired) lighting triggers, and thought I would be bringing my own.

Combine this with a model who I've admired for the longest time, a model that I was sure that I'd want to work with again, very little preparation time, and not surprisingly, I was a little apprehensive.

I needn't have worried, however. Within seconds of finally arriving, Joceline came bounding up to introduce herself, and immediately put me at my ease. Very sociable and great company, there were quite a few moments where we actually stopped shooting, and chatted for a few minutes. I had to keep reminding myself that we were on the clock, and I had a limited time with this fantastic model.

We shot an absolute ton of stuff, the very great majority of which is great-Joceline really is exceptional, But, as with most shoots where I get an embarrassment of riches, it's taking me no little time to get to narrow down the images, and master them up. (in a manner, this is why I often prefer tf shoots to paid shoots. The obligation to master and forward images within the agreed timescale is a sure fire way to get me to actually do the editing work in a timely manner. Still, this was an opportunity to shoot with Joceline...). I'll post more images from our shoot over the coming weeks, but to get things started, I've started off with a selection of the nude studies from our collaboration.