(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) I get to travel with my day job a fair bit, and I’ve been fortunate to visit some very special places. This past week, though, the trip I took to Kyoto in Japan is probably the most memorable trip I’ve had to date. To be honest, it’s impossible (at least, for me...) to begin to put across in words just how wonderful and special Kyoto is. The old capital of Japan, it has managed to preserve ancient roots, and a real sense of history is everywhere. Probably the closest comparison I could find in Europe would be Rome, where-as with Kyoto-it seems that every street is steeped in thousands of years of history.

For me, I found a real sense of quiet dignity and serenity in Kyoto. In the temples and shrines I managed to visit, the achievements of many hands, hundreds of years ago, is just breathtaking, truly staggering. I’d urge anyone with an opportunity to visit Kyoto to do so in a heartbeat. I hope to return very soon.