Lucy in Spring

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) With the promise of Spring, and outdoor shoots tantalisingly close, I took a chance recently and invited Lucy Fur down to London to collaborate on my first outdoor shoot of the year. I’ve had fantastic success in the past shooting at a location in North London, first with Kayleigh Lush, and then with Sophia St Villier and Miu last year, and planned to use that again. That it's within walking distance of my house also contributes somewhat to the charm of the place as well…

We had the shoot planned for May 3rd, and in the run up to the shoot, had been anxiously watching the weather. As the day drew closer, it looked like we were going to get the sunshine we needed, but probably not the temperatures. My plan was to start the shoot at around 7.30 am, when chance encounters with dog walkers, etc… to interrupt the shoot are minimised, and the light is best. Unfortunately, the temperatures didn’t look like they were going to be anything like bearable so early in the morning, so we had a leisurely breakfast with my wife, and postponed the start to 10.00 am.

We headed out, and sure enough it was about bearable by the time we reached our location. All of the images here were shot with natural light. All were shot with the sun behind Lucy to get the wonderful rich colours from the trees, with a gold reflector used to bounce light back towards Lucy. I was shooting at around 1.6f , to get the wonderful bokeh (the out of focus bits) in the background. We shot for a couple of hours, by which time the sun was getting to be very warm, and a little too bright to shoot in, but still, it was a very productive couple of hours.

As ever, shooting with Lucy was an enormously enjoyable occasion, and I’d recommend Lucy as a model to any photographer.