Miss Lucy Fur, photographed in London

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I recently shot for a second time with Miss Lucy Fur, the first shoot being covered on my blog here . Lucy's a wonderful model, and I was very happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with her on a festive pinup shoot. It's something I've wanted to do for quite a while, and it was great to work with Lucy on this-she brought loads of ideas to the shoot, and not least, a wonderful wardrobe that helped us really capture a festive holiday feel in the images. We hit a bit of an emergency, however, when I realised the wrapping paper I'd purchased to wrap stuff was still at home. Doh! Fortunately, a quick trip to Brent Cross, a fifteen minute shopping spree, and we were sorted again.

We shot three or four different looks, with a mix of backgrounds, and I’m delighted with our results.

Margo, photographed in London

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) I was put in touch with Margo via a mutual friend. Margo is a personal trainer, and was happy to collaborate with me on physique images. It took us a couple of months to actually finalise a a time for the shoot, though, and in the meantime, I'd had a play around with neon shots, covered in an earlier blog, and thought that that would be a cool thing to introduce into our shoot. And, I wanted to try it once more, do a little more experimenting, and try not to forget everything I learned first time round.

This shoot was Margos first time in a studio, and more importantly, also the first time as a figure model. Little secret here-when I know, as has happened on a couple of occasions, that a shoot with me is the first figure modelling shoot for my subject, I get nervous. Don't know why-I suspect it's me overcompensating and trying to make sure that my model is entirely comfortable with things, and isn't quietly freaking out. Consequently, the first few minutes of the shoot are usually me prattling away about anything and nothing, trying to make things normal. And usually failing, but there you go… Given it was Margos first figure nude shoot, let alone first studio shoot, I was into prattle overdrive...

Anyway, we started the shoot with various fitness images, before going on to the figure nudes. Margo was a natural, and threw herself into the shoot with real energy and enthusiasm. This first gallery is from the figure nudes, using the neon again. We did get some great results, and I know that the neon style images are something i'll be returning to again.

Neon, photographed in London

neonicon  6064
(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) I recently attended a workshop on shooting with various flavours of neon lighting, at Adrian Pini's studio in North London. It's rare that I attend any kind of workshop these days, but this one intrigued me. Definitely a chance to try something a little unusual, particularly in a technical sense, but more importantly, an opportunity to try a few things out before a forthcoming shoot.

There was some stuff about colour theory, I gather, and some technical information on why, etc, which I’m sure was fascinating, but I managed to miss that by showing up 30 minutes late. I then made a spectacular entrance by taking a seat, which then promptly collapsed, much to the amusement of everone else in the studio. Now, I'm no supermodel, granted, but I'm not the biggest bloke on the block either. I may sue Adrian.

Ania, our model for the evening, was fantastically patient, and worked her heart out. She made loads of contributions to the shoot, and managed to stay focussed and enthusiastic throughout. No mean feat, I can tell you. Overall, I would say that I'm pleasantly pleased by the results. Whilst it's difficult to come away from a group shoot like this with images that are truly your own, I'm happy to say that I think I managed to do so. Overall, no complaints from me.