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(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) I've been fortunate to shoot with Kendra on a couple of other occasions to date, and I've always been very happy with the results of our shoots. I recently found myself with some studio time booked, but no model sorted, and decided to give Kendra a shout, to see if she'd be free. Fortunately, it coincided with the company year end, and Kendra was looking to use up holidays, so was happy to collaborate.  We arrived at the studio with a few ideas in mind, and a good few reference shots to take inspiration from as well.

We shot in a couple of the more 'none-standard' places in the studio, like the seating area for those not usually involved in the shoot. And, one of the more unusual things we did this time though, was actually step out of the studio, and spend fifteen minutes or so shooting in the industrial estate where the studio is based. We wanted to catch the last light of the day, and whilst we got a number of good shots, we also got a good number of curious glances-a tattooed model in bikini and denim shorts is not the usual kind of work person usually found there.

We shot a number of things-not least, I wanted to experiment with a couple of retro styled setups. Not exactly unusual for me, but even so, it's always worth trying new things now and then. We also shot against the plain white backgrounds of the studio, and got some great bikini images there in particular. Indeed, Kendra posted a couple of these images in their raw form, and has piqued the interest of Inked magazine, and she's been invited to meet with them as a consequence.

And, as usual with Kendra, for all the ideas and images we came away with, we also came away with ideas for another two or three shoots. We hope to put at least one of these into action soon, with an outdoor shoot over at Kew Gardens. Again, this is a shoot I'm already looking forward to.


Kendra 2013

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) A quick blog about a recent shoot with Kendra Lee, a model I first shot some three or four years ago. We've not managed to shoot since, but thought she'd be great for a recent shoot I had planned. A small retro hotel type set had been built at a studio near where I live, and I wanted to take advantage of shooting there, before the set got taken down. Kendra would be ideal for what I had in mind, and thankfully, she was free to join the shoot.

The images on the set were all shot with ambient/available light, which was a mix of standard lightbulbs, and the modelling lights from the studio flash heads. I wanted a down-at-heel motel feel, and I'm pretty happy with the images we got.

This one was also shot with my Fuji X-100, rather than my usual D300s. The more I use the x-100, the more i'm enjoying it. I reckon this may well be the camera that I just carry with me most of the time from now on.