Toots and Booty

Toots and Booty

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(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) The fabulously named Toots and Booty approached me to do a shoot for their lingerie blog recently. Two friends who found that they have a love for classic lingerie in common, they’ve been blogging about it for quite some time now. This shoot, though, was to put images and faces to the names on the blog. Naturally, the shoot was to be lingerie focussed.

I’ve photographed Booty, or Chloe to give her her proper name, a couple of times before, and got some great images on those shoots. For Toots, though, this would be her first time in front of the camera. I needn’t have worried though-she soon settled into the shoot, and was pretty much a natural.

Rather than a studio setting, I thought that this one would work best in a more natural environment, somewhere that would give more warmth, and a slightly more intimate feeling, that you’d get from a studio setting. This provided me with the perfect opportunity to try Woolhouse Studios in North London. Emma Jane, who runs the studio, is an old friend, so the shoot also provided a chance for a catchup as well.

After some confusion around meeting up (who knew High Barnet Station had two exits. Certainly not the knuckle headed staff on duty that day, it seems...), we eventually got to the studio just a little bit late, and got on with the shoot. The location provided us with a number of good ‘sets’ and and I’m sure I’ll be returning there again soon. Not least, to collect the light stand I left behind, but hey ho…

As for Toots and Booty, well, don’t know about the girls, but I couldn’t have been happier with the shots I got on the day. We photographed a number of different outfits, making full use of the location, and came away with some fabulous images. And, considering it was Toots first time as a model, she did a fantastic job. Indeed, I’m hoping there will be an opportunity to shoot with her again some time very soon.