Trisha Lurie, photographed in Santa Monica

(Click on the Image to be taken to the shoot gallery) I was fortunate enough to collaborate on a shoot with Trisha Lurie recently when I visited Los Angeles.

Whilst this was a somewhat hastily arranged shoot, I can't help but be delighted with the quality of images. I wanted to try for something that was a uniquely California shoot, and which was not the easiest thing to do in the UK-a beach shoot at sunset.

We shot around Santa Monica Pier, on a packed Sunday evening. As we drove down to park on the Pier, looking at the sea of people on the pier, as packed as Oxford Street
on December 24th, my heart sank-I thought there'd be no way that we'd get enough space to shoot without distraction or interruption.

Fortunately, we did just fine. We had a few interruptions, and quite an audience from the Pier behind us when we were shooting the yellow bikini images, but nothing that stopped us getting the images we wanted. We ran out of light before we ran out of ideas, however, and I'm looking forward to shooting again with Trisha on my next trip to Santa Monica.