I consider each sitting as a collaboration between myself, the model, and the make up artist. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you will leave the shoot having had an enjoyable and fun experience, and that you are delighted with the results.

How I work
My photography is primarily studio based-I find it easier to manage the results, and to be sure that we'll get some images that are worthwhile. I also use professional Make Up Artists in my shoots. I found out very early on that using a Make Up Artist will make an incredible amount of difference to the quality of images you can expect to get from a sitting.

Before the Sitting
A couple of weeks before the sitting, I will set up a password protected web page, on which I'll store a 'mood board', a collection of photographs, to give an Idea of the kind of images I'm proposing. This will be a mix of my own photographs, and images found on the internet. The model will also be able to contribute ideas and thoughts by uploading images to the mood board, and by mail/phone-I find the best sittings are the ones after a good degree of exchange of ideas and thoughts between myself and the model.

At the Sitting
We'll look at the items you've brought, pick out the ones which we'll use, sort our a rough order. You'll then have your make up prepared, while I prepare the studio, and then we'll set about the photographs.

After the Sitting
Generally within a week of the Sitting, I'll make the best images from the sitting available to you onlne, again on a password protected gallery. This will generally be between 20 and 30 images. They'll be provided after I've completed preparation in Photoshop. You'll be able to download the images at a web suited resolution.

If it is going to be any longer than seven days, I will let you know as soon as I know. This is a rarity, however.

Once you have the images, you'll be able to select between 12 images to be provided at full resolution. The post-production on these will take a few days more, but again these images should be provided within seven days of me receiving notification of which Images you would like.

Important Note
If you are under 20 years old, I will require proof on the day that you are over 18. Without this, the sitting cannot go ahead, regardless of how much time and energy has gone into planning it.

How much will it cost?
If you want a set of images right now to build or refresh your portfolio, the cost would be around £150, to cover the cost of the studio, and a professional Make Up Artist, for four hours. I know this is extremely cheap, and you may be wondering if there’s a catch. There’s not. Photography is something I love to do, and I’m fortunate enough to have a great job (outside of photography) which means I don't rely on photography for my income. So, by collaborating with me on a shoot, you’ll get a much bigger selection of high quality images, and pay nowhere near as much as you would on the high street for a couple of images with a makeover studio.

For £150, you would receive around 20 web resolution images, and 8 full resolution images.

If this is of interest, please don’t hesitate in contacting me by hitting the ‘contact me’ button, on the right.